This might be a very stupid question regarding tax return and self employment, so prepare for it :)

I'm using Gumroad to sell some software products online. Gumroad is the one sending the invoice to my customers. As detailed in Gumroad:

Remember - your customers are buying from Gumroad, not from you, so we send them invoices.

If I am not the one generating the invoice or having the customer details. How do I justify my earnings for the tax return with HM Revenue & Customs here in the UK?

I was always told all I have to do is show them my customers invoices, but... what if I don't have?

Can I just show them a printed version of each of the transactions in my bank account where I'm receiving the benefits?

  • You have record of Gumroad sending you payments don't you? – Scott May 5 '17 at 15:27
  • Yeah. In their site. But is that considered a valid prof? – Alvaro May 5 '17 at 17:23
  • I don't know UK taxes (I'm American) so I can't offer direct UK Tax experience. I would suggest you speak with a tex professional about your specific needs not a random "freelance" web site -- Tax professional exist for a reason. – Scott May 5 '17 at 17:54
  • In the US they are glad to see us reporting more than we prove. That is not usually the kind of thing that will trigger an audit unless it is outrageous amounts, in which case you had better submit invoices. – SDsolar May 21 '17 at 5:13

Your proof of income has to come from Gumroad, they are your customer. As the Gumroad details remind you the "customers" are buying from Gumroad, not you. In order for Gumroad to sell it to them, they have to "buy" it from you.

Exactly what the payments are, and how you ""prove" them will vary by contract and local laws. It could even be considered "royalty" payments, similar the an author being paid for sales of a book, since that's what it looks like in what little information given in the question.

Finally, since Gumroad is located in the USA, they have to comply with American tax laws, which should include the requirement that they supply the proper "income" information to their providers/sellers (you). Again, depending on the contract you have with them the forms provided will differ. It could be a simple payment distribution statement or a Form 1099 from the American IRS standards.

To find out exactly what, and when, they provide documentation, and how to get it, contact them directly. Go to their support page and type "income Verification" in the search box. That will trigger a "Contact" form. Fill that out with your information and ask the question, stating what you need, and why. Click the "Contact Support" button.

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