Any tip for finding jobposts from local clients located in my area/country from sites such as Upwork etc?

(I am looking for quick short projects, not necessarily paying well, and I would think such gigs are often advertised on such sites)

I can google Upwork with country name, but I don't find it efficient.

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    You want to filter on your country, Upwork offers exactly that functionality. How is that not efficient? – user3244085 Dec 15 '16 at 22:33
  • I see now you can do that with the Internal search (I was trying with Google). More precisely the country of client is listed and comes up in a keyword search, nothing more precise. – Olav Dec 19 '16 at 10:39

If you are planning to hire local freelancers in UpWork you have to make a filtered search. When you login to your UpWork client profile, I assume you do have one to hire freelancers, at the top of the dashboard you will notice 'Find Freelancer' option where you can search for freelancers.

Search for your desired job to be done for example, 'logo design'. Then you'll get a new page with some filtering options. Click on 'Advanced Filters' option that reveals other filtering options like location, hourly rate etc.

Customize the filtering options as you desire and click 'Update Filters'. If everything is okay, you will find your desired freelancers.

UpWork 'Advanced Filtering' option to find Freelancers

Thank you.

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I have found craigslist.org useful. You can save your searches in different countries.

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