Im a c++ programmer for more than 2years and resigned my work. Now I want to be a freelancer which I will focus on web development using php. What is the proper way to put it on a cover letter? My idea is "Recently quit my job and currently self studying and training to be a web developer. With 2years of experience is c++ programming." but I think it is not convincing to be hired. Is there a way to make it more competitive and convincing?

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    "Recently quit my job": ban that ! – Harry Cover Nov 5 '15 at 21:42

"Junior developer with 2 years experience in C++. Actively improving my PHP skills. Highly motivated to tackle Web projects."

Cite one or more achievements you are proud of.


Cover letter for freelancing?? Never heard of such a thing.

You need marketing materials - a sales pitch, a brochure, a web site, a flier, an email campaign - but it's nowhere near the same as applying for an employment position. I've never needed a "cover letter" for any freelance work.

I'd also point out that "self studying and training" has no place in freelance marketing materials. Clients aren't interested in what you want to do they are interested in how you can currently help them. Marketing materials aren't about where you are going, they are about solid, tangible things you've accomplished and how your skills/experience can directly assist a client with a problem they are currently having.

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