What's the best way to find German speaking customers that would require me to use German language proficiency?

Any opinions and suggestions are appreciated!

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  • I will rephrase, I didn't want to specifically ask for work, but ask where people could find it if they're German speakers, would that still be considered as self advertising? – user85190 Mar 31 '15 at 4:42

being a German freelance developer myself I know about your problem. The idea of freelancing has not yet gotten into many heads in Germany. People are very used and happy with dependent work at companies because a typical German is very fond of reliability. There is not yet a really good German website for freelance projects, you might try

https://www.etengo.de/ https://www.freelancer.de/

However I would suggest you to post on a big international platform a job offer like oDesk in German language. Some Germans are there.


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