I am a web freelancer with .NET experience, and I am about to give my first eCommerce solution quote to a new client. The client is looking to sell their product online with eBay, integrate with Amazon, utilize various payment gateways, add analytics, etc. I have examined some out-of-the-box products such as uCommerce, but a solution like that would cost between 2500 to 5000 euros per year.

The quotation going to be full price (i.e. not hourly charged).


  1. How do you decide the quote?

  2. If I go for a product like uCommerce, do I exclude the subscription charges from my quote? That is, would I quote £X for consultancy + 2500 euros for uCommerce, or should I quote for the first year with everything included for the first year (which is adding above two)?

  3. I can see that this will cost me £X, but when I see other leased eCommerce solutions, my quote looks ridiculously expensive in comparison (or theirs so unbelievably cheap). Why are those online solutions (1-and-1, GoDaddy, etc.) so cheap?


1. Decide the quote based on the job, and amount of work-hour it would take. Even-though you are not working per hour basis.

Things to remember : - You can start with a lower rates if you expect to get more work from the same client in the future. - Consider market rates,if you are a starter it is better to start at reasonable/cheaper rate. - Your quote should cover all related expenses for the particular job. In case you took any additional help, cover that as well

2. Add part of the subcription charges to your quote, as you will re-use it, and not just for this perticular job.

3. Those eCommerce solutions are in business for years, so they can cut their profit by giving discounts to attract more customers.

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