Do I need to file taxes quarterly if I am self-employed (no matter what), or are there circumstances in which I can file at the end of the year?

For example, if I were employed at another job for which I had taxes withheld, especially if the withheld amount is greater than the owed amount. Is it still required? If so, could I file for both quarterly (and not pay anything) to keep as much in assets as I can?

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According to the IRS, all self-employed persons are generally required to file quarterly self-employment and income tax payments that are based off your estimated yearly earnings. There are exemptions to this rule, as outlined on the IRS page for self-employed individuals, for those that don't make a net profit.

As for working another job where you do pay taxes, if you're still self-employed in another job of your own making then you still need to pay the quarterly self-employment and income taxes. This is known as having a part-time business by the IRS which still falls under the umbrella of being self-employed.


Short answer: Yes and I HIGHLY suggest contacting an accountant! It's generally not as expensive as you might think and can save you some headache.

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The first year of self-employment, you do not have to file quarterly. After that yes you do.

Edit Sorry for not qualifying that. If you don't have any tax liability, there is no need to file the following year.

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