I am building multiple websites that are geared toward providing information as well as user submitted content (like fan art). A few ad programs and affiliate programs I have looked at ask me to "Provide a brief description of the kind of business you provide." This question also came up when I went to apply for a DBA. At first I was just going to list my self as an E-commerce site but I am not directly selling anything. Am I still considers an E-commerce site or is there some other designation for what I do?


If your sites are not geared towards selling anything (whether printed fanart, T-shirts, etc.), then e-commerce would not be a correct designation.

From your description of what your sites entail, you may look to be designated as a Content site or a Showcase site (depending on whether or not emphasis is given more towards the information or towards the user-submitted content).


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  • Thanks, I knew E-Commerce was really not right for me but I had not heard of Content Site/Showcase site as designations. – Matthew Verstraete Mar 13 '14 at 19:36

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