I know it's easy to say just relax or go exercise, but what I'm noticing is that there's so many things to keep track of as a freelancer and sometimes one just pops up in my head and distracts me and creates anxiety/stress. I'm even having stomach cramps from time to time possibly due to this.

Things like:

  • Remember to follow up
  • Organize tax documents/forms
  • Reply to a client
  • Send invoice
  • Keeping track of feedback and requirements

The thing with freelancing is that clients contact at scattered times throughout the day. I may wake up in the morning and see an email to address, and I may be enjoying my night when I check my email and see a new message.

It's just difficult to get my mind off of freelancing and all the clients' demands and all the emails that need replying, etc.

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    It looks like an observation. What is your question here? Apr 19, 2023 at 16:18
  • Maintain a TO DO list and stop being anxious.
    – user4521
    Apr 20, 2023 at 8:47

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I think improving your time management will help. The overarching theme is organizing and structure.

Try getting a (used) book on time management. It will probably cover topics like:

  • Eisenhauer principle
  • ABC analysis
  • ToDo vs. calendar entries
  • Reserving time slots
  • etc.

After a little practice you‘ll stop being triggered by each and every Email or call. Don‘t forget: clients contact you, because you have something to offer.


It's just difficult to get my mind off of freelancing ... and all the emails that need replying, etc.

May be raising your charges/price a little bit helps clearing the field as needed?

  • those sensitive to price only steel your time anyway
  • at the correct balance the increase in revenue at least compensates fewer clients

Just some extra thoughts.

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