I'd like to know what the best way(s) to make money with mobile development.

Some devs have already told me that it'd be making building mobile apps to prospect customers.

As a second option I think I can try to build a very useful app as a startup and hard working in marketing that one. For instance, I'm enjoying to study Android development but I have doubt about how make real good money as freelancer in mobile development field.

As a third option I think after of getting some real skillset for instance in Android development to try to produce some course on Udemy thinking that as a freelancer activity too.

I'd listen to your advices about my issue. So far I wish to work strictly informal (no contracts).

Thanks in advance!

  • I would always suggest being formal about making money. If you want to be informal, simply do projects for friends without money.
    – David R
    Sep 4 at 14:18
  • Did you mean friends without much money right?
    – Jorge Luiz
    Sep 5 at 1:50

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