Currently I am using Clockify but I would like to know if there exists any free time tracking and invoicing software geared toward freelance software developers?

All I am finding is "paid" options -- usually the 'invoicing' functionality is turned off in their free tier (like for Clockify).

  • Have you tried to build an invoice in Excel? That is what I did for a number of years. – David R Jun 22 at 14:20
  • Yes, I am using an Excel spreadsheet as an invoice but it’s pretty plain vanilla. You wouldn’t happen to have or know where I can find a more sophisticated Excel spreadsheet invoice, would you? – tale852150 Jun 22 at 14:31
  • Your needs are likely to be quite different from mine. So, I recommend that you keep expanding your spreadsheet to meet your needs. What macros would you need to keep a history, receive payments, keep an outstanding balance, etc. - as you need them? As a software developer, I expect that you can write those macros fairly easily. – David R Jun 22 at 15:20
  • @DavidR Thank you – tale852150 Jun 22 at 15:40

I've been using an MS Access app i put together to track hours, clients, create invoices from hours entered, payments, etc. Since last year i have it connected to MYSQL backend in cloud.


I used to use https://www.toptal.com/tracker/

It has a desktop app that hides in the tray for tracking hours, a web tracker and dashboard, mobile apps, all the things. It allows you to take screenshots on intervals (or not), generate invoices, and even grant access to your client to view the current hours tracked/logged.

Pretty cool, 100% free and maintained by toptal.

  • Hi, I noticed that Toptal is based in your hometown. Pure coincidence or are you connected to them in some way? – Valorum yesterday
  • my hometown? No idea where you got that information. If you got it from my IP access somehow, it's a VPN, if you got from my profile, I've probably faked it. English is not even my native language hahaha. I've got no relation with neither toptracker or toptal, I'm just a happy user. – Magus yesterday
  • You listed your location in your profile. It seemed weirdly coincidental. – Valorum yesterday
  • I see, my location is correct. Still, either you got my location wrong or Toptal's. We're not even in the same country. What are you seeing? – Magus 11 hours ago

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