I've run into a lot of situations where company's and directors/CEOs/etc. are either on the fence about hiring a contractor/consultant, or against the idea. In these situations, they're thinking about hiring a full-time employee. If I find myself in this situation, I don't feel like I have the context or empathy to explain the benefits of hiring me as a consultant over hiring me as a full-time employee. I see the advantages for myself, but not them.

To gain empathy—and sell myself better—I'd like to know the pros and cons of hiring a full-time employee vs hiring a consultant, and I'd like this to be from their perspective, not mine.

  • Kinda think you need to ask company mangers/CEOs/COOs this question.. not other freelancers. All freelancers can do is give you a freelancer perspective, not a CEOs perspective.
    – Scott
    May 9 at 6:33
  • @Scott That makes sense. While I agree, I would think that every successful freelancer has to understand this to sell their services to people at that level. Is there a stackexchange for C-level employees or startups? it didn't seem like it to me. May 14 at 21:14

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