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Cancelling a project on a client

So, I have found myself in a situation where I am working on a project that I want to get out of. A quick overview of my situation is that I underestimated the effort. Was also giving a good price ...

asked by jim 6 votes

The client is asking for too much work for the money

I have a client. I need to create a Wordpress template for him (as he told in the listing). He shared two HTML pages in the initial meeting. He said mistakenly he sent that file then he shared a ...

payment-terms evaluating-clients budget  
asked by user1653773 15 votes

How to request digital signing of contracts

In cases where a physical meeting isn't possible and all client communication is done through email and phone, how can we request the client signs contracts? Sending physical copies through the post ...

asked by Cai 2 votes

How do I calculate pay rate if I've never freelanced before?

I've been working full time in the field (software) for about 5-6 years. However, I've never done any freelancing work before and am new to this entire process. At my job, pay is easy, since it's ...

asked by almostflan 35 votes
answered by jmort253 39 votes

How to handle silly requirements?

I make web applications for a living working from home. Sometimes a client pick a technology stack that is likely to hurt the project (severely over-engineered, bad combination of components or just ...

freelance-websites project-management software  
asked by Paulo Scardine 16 votes
answered by Chris Cashwell 20 votes

On a long contract, when is it ok to ask for a raise?

I started working at my current position nearly 6 months ago, and am paid per-hour, per-project at a flat rate. It was originally going to be a 3-month contract-to-hire, but the company lost a major ...

contracts pay-rate contract-to-hire  
asked by Phil 17 votes
answered by bytebuster 20 votes

Am I charging my client too much for my SLA - Service level agreement?

So I have secured a project worth 6 figures for an employee management system that will manage his employees for 4 of his companies. This employee management system will integrate a biometric hardware ...

contracts invoices client-support  
asked by Pavan 8 votes
answered by Miro 9 votes
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