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Top new questions this week:

Avoiding wasteful leads

I have a consulting business which I advertise through LinkedIn and Google Ads. The ads link to my website and besides various pages of content describing my services, I have a simple web to lead ...

sales advertising  
asked by ChrisFNZ 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Client wants to pay a percentage of revenue generated by website

I recently came in contact with one of my Dad's friends who is looking for a website. This guy gave my Dad a job when we first moved to California and has been a really good "family friend" ever ...

contracts payment-terms  
asked by Tyler Williams 26 votes
answered by Scott 40 votes

How should an independent contractor's resume differ from that of a candidate seeking a permanent position?

How should an independent contractor's resume differ from that of a candidate seeking a permanent position? Are there things that should be emphasized on a resume for an independent contractor? Are ...

marketing resume  
asked by Chris W. Rea 9 votes
answered by Chris Travers 8 votes

Can I invoice a client for programming freelance work without having a business registered in the USA?

I want to build an application for a client, I do not have a business registered. Is ok to send an invoice to a client through PayPal and use my own name in the invoice, not any business name?

invoices usa  
asked by edteke 5 votes
answered by Codeswitcher 3 votes

How to setup client ownership of domain name and hosting

I'm starting out as a small web design and development business. I'd prefer that after I launch a site for a client, they then own and be responsible for the management and recurring payment of their ...

freelance-websites client-support billing  
asked by KodeKreachor 10 votes
answered by Scott 9 votes

Can I modify clients testimonials?

Should I or can I edit my clients testimonials to make them more grammatically correct? Am I allowed to use snippets of them, rather than the entire thing? Or am I better not to edit them at all? I ...

attracting-clients portfolio evaluating-clients  
asked by harryparkdotio 11 votes

Should I ask every client to sign a contract?

Should I ask every client to sign a contract? In other words, does it show professionalism or does it turn people off? Should I ask for a contract if the job is a certain length or certain ...

asked by user6035379 7 votes

Do I charge sales tax on consulting and programming in Pennsylvania, USA?

I live in Pennsylvania (in the United States), and I am not sure if I should be collecting sales tax for my part-time consulting and web development business. I'm registered as a Sole Proprietorship ...

taxes usa consulting  
asked by DavidScherer 5 votes
answered by Xavier J 0 votes
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