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Invoice a client without an address?

I'm considering doing handyman jobs on canal boats, as a self employed trader. But some boaters don't have a fixed address. Do I absolutely have to put an address for them on the invoice? It seems a ...

asked by mascip 2 votes
answered by Emily 4 votes

Can I work as a web developer in Canada without a degree from college/university?

Few months ago I was participating in the IEC (International Experience Canada) contest in the category of WH (Working Holiday). I got the opportunity to visit Canada at the end. However, the contest ...

web-development canada  
asked by Paulius 4 votes

How do I estimate the cost of building an Android app?

I am new to Android development. I have developed an app in Play Store and then I got approached by a client in Facebook to build a translation of a religious word as an app. He said he will give me ...

contracts estimation  
asked by Wordzilla 18 votes
answered by Xavier J 25 votes

Can I invoice a client for programming freelance work without having a business registered in the USA?

I want to build an application for a client, I do not have a business registered. Is ok to send an invoice to a client through PayPal and use my own name in the invoice, not any business name?

invoices usa  
asked by edteke 5 votes
answered by Codeswitcher 3 votes

What exchange rate to use when invoicing customers abroad?

I am invoicing my work hours and travel expenses to customers in USD. My invoices have a part about worked hours using an hourly rate in USD, however my travel expenses can be in any other currencies ...

price invoices  
asked by user5683953 2 votes
answered by KittyConsultant -1 votes

What information should be on a formal purchase order?

I have a vendor who has offered to sell me supplies on net 30 terms. The vendor has requested a formal purchase order for any supplies delivered before delivery. Why do I need to do this? More ...

contracts invoices  
asked by Chris Travers 3 votes
answered by Chris Travers 3 votes

The client is asking for too much work for the money

I have a client. I need to create a Wordpress template for him (as he told in the listing). He shared two HTML pages in the initial meeting. He said mistakenly he sent that file then he shared a ...

payment-terms evaluating-clients budget  
asked by user1653773 15 votes

Can you answer this question?

How can I circumvent consulting agencies and work directly for the company

I've been working as a consultant for the past 4 years in a country in Norther Europe. Most of these years were through an agency and only the past 6 months were directly with my current client. ...

consulting programmer  
asked by anon 1 vote
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