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How do I calculate pay rate if I've never freelanced before?

I've been working full time in the field (software) for about 5-6 years. However, I've never done any freelancing work before and am new to this entire process. At my job, pay is easy, since it's ...

asked by almostflan Score of 38
answered by jmort253 Score of 40

Where to find remote contract work in SAP / ABAP?

I am an experienced IT freelancer (15+ years of software development and systems administration) and have recently gained some SAP certification, actually the basic SAP ERP certificate (from SAP AG) ...

asked by TorstenS Score of 5
answered by Peter MV Score of 2

Are proposals and contracts the same thing?

I've been freelancing as a UX designer for a year and a half, and I'm now in the midst of writing more project proposals. My previous round of proposals was nearly a year ago. I followed the format ...

contracts proposal  
asked by David Score of 8
answered by tim.baker Score of 5

Can we charge "being late" penalties to the client?

I have been in situations like this on several occasions and I would like to hear how the community behaves in such situations. Also if you have handled this situation via the contract, I would ...

difficult-client penalties  
asked by Peter MV Score of 14
answered by Scott Score of 6

Where can I find good contract templates?

When a new freelancer works with a small client, neither party may have experience with contracts. This community wiki provides starting points they can use to think through the issues that should be ...

asked by Edward Brey Score of 46
answered by Edward Brey Score of 16

How to setup client ownership of domain name and hosting

I'm starting out as a small web design and development business. I'd prefer that after I launch a site for a client, they then own and be responsible for the management and recurring payment of their ...

freelance-websites client-support billing  
asked by KodeKreachor Score of 13
answered by Scott Score of 10

How to get over the discomfort of asking for money?

I've just started freelancing full-time. I've done bits here and there before. I've mostly been drawn to freelancing because of the higher rates I can bill and the ability to be master of my own ...

pay-rate invoices  
asked by Matt Harrison Score of 34
answered by Tim Lytle Score of 25
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