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Top new questions this week:

How do I make money in a legal, moral way from home with my computer, without interacting with humans or uploading photo id?

I do have: A computer. Programming skills (scripting general logic, making WWW requests and interacting with a local database). The technical ability to send and receive Bitcoin with my Bitcoin Core ...

working-from-home information-technology money  
asked by Jamey Klasinski 3 votes
answered by Murtaza Ahmad 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Should an agreement with software engineer contractor include a clause that the engineer is not liable of any company's losses?

I've got a job offer from the company in Ireland to work as an independent software engineer contractor (not an employee). The Agreement contains clauses that I indemnify the company from lots of ...

contracts software  
asked by Dmitry Frank 7 votes

Do I charge sales tax on consulting and programming in Pennsylvania, USA?

I live in Pennsylvania (in the United States), and I am not sure if I should be collecting sales tax for my part-time consulting and web development business. I'm registered as a Sole Proprietorship ...

taxes usa consulting  
asked by DavidScherer 6 votes
answered by Xavier J 0 votes

On a long contract, when is it ok to ask for a raise?

I started working at my current position nearly 6 months ago, and am paid per-hour, per-project at a flat rate. It was originally going to be a 3-month contract-to-hire, but the company lost a major ...

contracts pay-rate contract-to-hire  
asked by Phil 17 votes
answered by bytebuster 20 votes

How do you motivate yourself when you're your own boss?

I've been working as a freelance developer for almost two years now, and I've managed to find myself in a pretty good situation. I'm working part time for a great client who loves me and has enough ...

asked by bugloaf 10 votes
answered by Scott 9 votes

Making a quotation for creating a website (design and development)?

My client is requesting a general quotation about the design and development of their site. What I need is the specifications that I should evaluate the quotation on, such as if I need to host the ...

freelance-websites estimation  
asked by Med7at 9 votes
answered by Peter MV 11 votes

How much can an iOS developer charge?

Based on my research, I have determined that an iOS programmer can earn 4000 EUR / month in the EU in a full time job. This is 25 EUR / hour. How much of a premium should a programmer charge for ...

contracts pay-rate  
asked by János 3 votes
answered by nobrandheroes 9 votes

Should I bill my clients for bathroom breaks or other various interruptions?

I use Toggl for time tracking, and I'm pretty diligent about starting a new task for pretty much every thing I'm working on. Recently, while working at home, I had to use the restroom, and afterwards ...

asked by Kyle Macey 24 votes
answered by Peter Albert 18 votes
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