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Top new questions this week:

Charging clients for creating business developer account Appstore and Googleplay

I'm facing a new problem. A client doesn't have any technical knowledge/doesn't want to deal with it. They need apps on both GooglePlay and Apple Appstore, but they don't have developer accounts. I ...

asked by r3dm4n 1 vote
answered by jluizsouzadev 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to respond to "Are your rates negotiable?"

What is the best way to tell a client that your rate is non-negotiable when they ask? I am looking for way which will not offend the client and would also ensure that I don't end up decreasing my ...

payment-terms price-per-hour negotiation difficult-client  
asked by meetpd 11 votes
answered by Scott 26 votes

How should I deal with a client who refuses to pay after receiving the finish product?

I was hired for a small web development job by a client. The job was small and of less budget. After I finished the job and notified the client, he didn't replied for several days. This made me think ...

payment-terms difficult-client  
asked by Ethical 6 votes
answered by Sarah 15 votes

Doing business in Australia as foreign freelancer located overseas

I am currently located in Germany and do not have permanent residency nor citizenship in Australia. I have potentially been offered a contract with a company in Australia. I will stay in Germany ...

foreign-incorporation registration  
asked by Amelse Etomer 6 votes
answered by Ben McEvoy 4 votes

How do I calculate pay rate if I've never freelanced before?

I've been working full time in the field (software) for about 5-6 years. However, I've never done any freelancing work before and am new to this entire process. At my job, pay is easy, since it's ...

asked by almostflan 35 votes
answered by jmort253 38 votes

Should I give the finished work to a client before or after they paid me?

I have a new client that I met online for whom I have been doing some photo editing. We will be using paypal for payment. Should I give the finished work to client before or after they paid me?

asked by user5168 10 votes
answered by Laura Williams 13 votes

Cancelling a project on a client

So, I have found myself in a situation where I am working on a project that I want to get out of. A quick overview of my situation is that I underestimated the effort. Was also giving a good price ...

asked by jim 6 votes

Non-US citizen freelancing in the US remotely

I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I've spoken to no fewer than 3 accounting firms - one huge international one here in Sweden and they say they're not allowed to advise on ...

taxes accounting  
asked by Charlie 24 votes
answered by Voxwoman 15 votes
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