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Top new questions this week:

Is it okay for customer to pay less than invoice amount because of their wire charges?

Is it okay for a customer to send me less than the amount I invoiced because of their wire charges? For example, I invoice $380 and they send me $365. I understand I may have additional charges from ...

payments invoices  
asked by Chris94 2 votes
answered by Scott 2 votes

How do I dispute anopther freelancer correctly with upwork, as a freelancer?

I am a freelancer, who hired a freelancer to do some webpage work, using upwork. I am new to the upwork platform. This freelancer, over Christmas break,charged three 40 hour weeks in which , as far as ...

project-management time-tracking  
asked by Industrademic 2 votes
answered by Canadian Luke 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is it unprofessional to approach a business, unsolicited, based upon technical problems you see on their website?

I don't know why it would be bad to approach a business per se, but there are times I am incredibly frustrated with sites I know are easily fixable. For example, a small Mom-and-Pop business whose ...

sales ethics  
asked by johnny 21 votes
answered by code_onkel 11 votes

The client is asking for too much work for the money

I have a client. I need to create a Wordpress template for him (as he told in the listing). He shared two HTML pages in the initial meeting. He said mistakenly he sent that file then he shared a ...

payment-terms evaluating-clients budget  
asked by user1653773 15 votes

Where can a front end web developer start freelancing?

Let's say you're beginning web development, and you want to start earning money. Where do you get started? I know a portfolio would be a start, but I don't know where to apply just as a front-end ...

asked by Muhammad Umer 6 votes
answered by jmort253 10 votes

Invoice a client without an address?

I'm considering doing handyman jobs on canal boats, as a self employed trader. But some boaters don't have a fixed address. Do I absolutely have to put an address for them on the invoice? It seems a ...

asked by mascip 4 votes
answered by Emily 5 votes

Doing business in Australia as foreign freelancer located overseas

I am currently located in Germany and do not have permanent residency nor citizenship in Australia. I have potentially been offered a contract with a company in Australia. I will stay in Germany ...

foreign-incorporation registration  
asked by Amelse Etomer 6 votes
answered by Ben McEvoy 4 votes

On a long contract, when is it ok to ask for a raise?

I started working at my current position nearly 6 months ago, and am paid per-hour, per-project at a flat rate. It was originally going to be a 3-month contract-to-hire, but the company lost a major ...

contracts pay-rate contract-to-hire  
asked by Phil 17 votes
answered by bytebuster 20 votes

How much can an iOS developer charge?

Based on my research, I have determined that an iOS programmer can earn 4000 EUR / month in the EU in a full time job. This is 25 EUR / hour. How much of a premium should a programmer charge for ...

contracts pay-rate  
asked by János 5 votes
answered by nobrandheroes 9 votes
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