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How do you motivate yourself when you're your own boss?

I've been working as a freelance developer for almost two years now, and I've managed to find myself in a pretty good situation. I'm working part time for a great client who loves me and has enough ...

user avatar asked by bugloaf Score of 12
user avatar answered by Scott Score of 9

Where can I find good contract templates?

When a new freelancer works with a small client, neither party may have experience with contracts. This community wiki provides starting points they can use to think through the issues that should be ...

user avatar asked by Edward Brey Score of 46
user avatar answered by Edward Brey Score of 16

How can I edit my cover letter to get more clients?

My source of income has been coming from freelance sites, such as oDesk. Things have been slow for me since the start of this year. As I mentioned in my other post about slowing down, I got a response ...

freelance-websites attracting-clients pay-rate working-from-home  
user avatar asked by localhost Score of 13
user avatar answered by Tim Lytle Score of 13

How to handle silly requirements?

I make web applications for a living working from home. Sometimes a client pick a technology stack that is likely to hurt the project (severely over-engineered, bad combination of components or just ...

freelance-websites project-management software  
user avatar asked by Paulo Scardine Score of 18
user avatar answered by Chris Cashwell Score of 23

How can I approach US clients with web development work?

I'm a WordPress developer living in the Middle East, and I have a strong portfolio and experience. I want to expand my clients base to the US. Because I'm living far from USA, I can't have personal ...

attracting-clients usa marketing foreign-markets  
user avatar asked by Waseem Abu Senjer Score of 4
user avatar answered by go-junta Score of 4

When is it ok to ask a client for more money?

I am pretty good at estimating my time on a project. For this question, let's say it is for a simple WordPress website with a custom theme development. I have quoted and set my contract with my ...

contracts overtime fixed-price  
user avatar asked by bretterer Score of 40
user avatar answered by jmort253 Score of 33

Is there any difference between outsourcing and subcontracting?

Just what the title states. How does outsourcing differ from subcontracting? Is it merely terminology that is different?

outsourcing subcontracting  
user avatar asked by Everyone Score of 10
user avatar answered by Andrew Score of 7
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