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Top new questions this week:

Is it possible to market myself if I dont want to reveal my real ID online?

I am a private person and don't like to add private info online. You can call me old school but I don't have any social media account or any other online account under my real ID. Is it possible to ...

asked by Alex 2 votes
answered by David R 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I estimate the cost of building an Android app?

I am new to Android development. I have developed an app in Play Store and then I got approached by a client in Facebook to build a translation of a religious word as an app. He said he will give me $...

contracts estimation  
asked by Wordzilla 19 votes
answered by Xavier J 26 votes

How to backup declared income when the invoice is lost?

An invoice for some work I did awhile back seems to be missing and I can't find it, yet I want to make sure I am declaring that amount in my tax statements. If I get audited, what's the best way to ...

legal taxes invoices canada  
asked by Wil 8 votes
answered by Chris W. Rea 2 votes

Can I invoice a client for programming freelance work without having a business registered in the USA?

I want to build an application for a client, I do not have a business registered. Is ok to send an invoice to a client through PayPal and use my own name in the invoice, not any business name?

invoices usa  
asked by edteke 6 votes
answered by Codeswitcher 3 votes

Is a good place to find a job, or is it a scam?

I have seen lots of ads for on facebook. I signed up, input my skillset (php, wordpress, front end technologies), and now I am getting lots of emails about new job offerings that fit my ...

outsourcing subcontracting  
asked by chiliNUT 6 votes
answered by Lisa 4 votes

The client is asking for too much work for the money

I have a client. I need to create a Wordpress template for him (as he told in the listing). He shared two HTML pages in the initial meeting. He said mistakenly he sent that file then he shared a ...

payment-terms evaluating-clients budget  
asked by user1653773 16 votes

How should an independent contractor's resume differ from that of a candidate seeking a permanent position?

How should an independent contractor's resume differ from that of a candidate seeking a permanent position? Are there things that should be emphasized on a resume for an independent contractor? Are ...

marketing resume  
asked by Chris W. Rea 12 votes
answered by Chris Travers 8 votes

How to estimate the hourly rate for senior developer?

I'm considering looking for contractor jobs (in Western Europe). I have the experience of senior developer (Java) so I'm confident of the high quality of value added I can provide to the client. But I'...

contracts pay-rate  
asked by Danubian Sailor 22 votes
answered by Meredith Poor 9 votes
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