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When is it ok to ask a client for more money?

I am pretty good at estimating my time on a project. For this question, let's say it is for a simple WordPress website with a custom theme development. I have quoted and set my contract with my ...

contracts overtime fixed-price  
asked by bretterer 37 votes
answered by jmort253 31 votes

VAT Directive and Article 44 - Selling services outside EU

I have a company in the European Union (EU) and I am selling electronic services to all countries. Since I am located in the EU, the following rules apply: When selling to a customer from my ...

taxes invoices eu  
asked by JohnyFree 1 vote
answered by Peter 3 votes

How to estimate the hourly rate for senior developer?

I'm considering looking for contractor jobs (in Western Europe). I have the experience of senior developer (Java) so I'm confident of the high quality of value added I can provide to the client. But ...

contracts pay-rate  
asked by Danubian Sailor 20 votes
answered by Meredith Poor 8 votes

How to reply a job interview while accepting it

This question is the second trickest question that need to be answered. When you get a job invite on oDesk or elance, what is the right way to reply so the job is yours? I typically reply as Thank ...

attracting-clients communication negotiation  
asked by Nofel 1 vote
answered by Peter MV 3 votes

Is there any difference between outsourcing and subcontracting?

Just what the title states. How does outsourcing differ from subcontracting? Is it merely terminology that is different?

outsourcing subcontracting  
asked by Everyone 6 votes
answered by Andrew 6 votes

EU client wants 'registration number' on invoice (I work in the UK)

So a client has asked be for a registration number on an invoice. The client is in the EU, and I'm in the UK. I'm self-employed and not sure what number I can give them? UTR? NINO? That seems like ...

asked by whatagainst 5 votes

Client refuses to pay on Elance. No Escrow funded

Yes, I know I should have waited for the Escrow account to be funded by the client, but my experience with Elance is very limited. Most of the clients I noticed do not fund Escrow, so I thought once ...

payment-terms late-payment  
asked by Dana 5 votes
answered by Mihai Boisteanu 12 votes
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