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Can learning a new technology be a paid task for a client?

Recently, I started working for a client, and he found my work really excellent, and he's asked me to build a team and do a complete project for him. I would like to learn iOS development, and build ...

payment-terms remote  
user avatar asked by Arslan Ali Score of 13
user avatar answered by Scott Score of 18

Apply and bid for an Android Development freelancing project online

I am an Android Developer, and I'm new to freelancing. I recently created an account on sites like, and I want to take on some projects. As someone new to freelancing, how can I land ...

marketing group-freelancing project-bidding  
user avatar asked by Samadhan Medge Score of 12
user avatar answered by Mihai Boisteanu Score of 7

Why am I not getting hired on UpWork/oDesk?

I'm having difficulties getting hired on oDesk (UpWork) when bidding on projects, and I think it has to do with my cover letters. Here's an example of one of my cover letters that I've sent: Dear ...

freelance-websites project-bidding  
user avatar asked by Bilal Maqsood Score of 15
user avatar answered by Peter MV Score of 29

How can I start freelancing and get online projects to work on?

I have good experience in PHP and I want to start freelancing. I have opened accounts on Elance, freelancer, oDesk and have been trying to bid on projects for the last 2 months, but I still didn't get ...

project-bidding freelance-websites  
user avatar asked by Pravin Gadekar Score of 36
user avatar answered by Tim Lytle Score of 35

Should an agreement with software engineer contractor include a clause that the engineer is not liable of any company's losses?

I've got a job offer from the company in Ireland to work as an independent software engineer contractor (not an employee). The Agreement contains clauses that I indemnify the company from lots of (...

contracts software  
user avatar asked by Dmitry Frank Score of 11

Too many projects and no one to outsource them to - how is this possible?

For the last 3-4 years I have been both a freelancer and the client. I'm the client mainly when I outsource projects I cannot handle myself, or when I seek a specific expert as a part of a project (...

project-management outsourcing subcontracting  
user avatar asked by Peter MV Score of 27

How much cost can be charged for an hour in web development.?

I am a freelance web developer in India, charging between 250 and 300 rupees/hour for domestic clients. Now I have discussions ongoing regarding certain projects in the Middle East. How much can I ...

contracts pay-rate price price-per-hour foreign-markets  
user avatar asked by 웃웃웃웃웃 Score of 8
user avatar answered by prat1kk Score of 5
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